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Join me for Group Cookery Workshops in Lausanne, your home or office!

Whether you're looking to improve your weight, reduce your peri-menopausal symptoms or optimise your health in your post menopausal years.  These interactive, educational cookery workshops are designed to teach you about the therapeutics of foods and, how these can be applied to your everyday life to optimise your nutrition and health during this critical phase in your life.

You'll learn

  • How certain foods and drinks can be detrimental to our health during the peri and post menopause

  • How eating the right foods can help reduce inflammation, relieve our symptoms and help lower our risk of developing chronic diseases

  • How to prepare simple, nutritious and delicious meals using whole, natural ingredients

  • How to use different food techniques (theme dependant) from therapeutic juices to healthy baking

  • Food combining rules, cooking with fats, how to minimise kitchen waste and much more!

Potential Benefits:​

  • Improved Energy and Weight

  • Improve Mood & Sleep

  • Reduced Anxiety & Hot Flushes

  • Improved Digestion & Immune Health


What You'll Need:

  • Yoga mat, 2 blocks and yoga belt if you're joining one of my combined Yoga & Nutrition themed workshops in Lausanne OR

  • A kitchen and large space if you're a group of friends or business owner 

What's Included for Individuals:

  • Hatha yoga class (modifications & variations offered to suit all levels)

  • Interactive themed cookery workshop.  Includes tasting!

  • Recipes to take away

What's Included for Groups:

  • A quick chat to meet and understand your groups needs and what they would like to achieve

  • A cookery workshop based on your groups chosen theme.  Includes tasting!

  • Recipes to takeaway 

  • Optional Yoga class 

Who Can Benefit?

These educational and engaging cookery workshops are designed for peri and post menopausal women looking to understand how food and drink can help relieve their symptoms, improve their energy levels, support a healthy weight, improve their mood and sleep and overall long-term health.  Whether you're an individual, a group of friends or business owner looking to improve the health and productivity of your female employees, these themed cookery workshops can help you or your group share an enjoyed experience and start feeling better.




I really enjoyed my first workshop with Carol.  The association of a long yoga session, with a healthy cooking class full of practical tips is great! ...and the food prepared and shared was amazing!  I do really recommend!  

Chiara Ferrario, Endocrinologist, Lausanne

Let's Work Together!

Register for my next Yoga & Nutrition Workshop!  I create workshops for groups of friends and small local businesses too.



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