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Join me for Individual or Group Yoga classes from the comfort of your home or office!

On-line Individual Yoga Classes

Whether you're looking to relieve stress, improve your muscle tone and bone health, or your overall mood and sleep.  We can create a personalised class to help bring you back into balance so you can start feeling better again from the comfort of your home! 

You'll learn

  • How to breath properly to calm the mind

  • Specific postures to support your goals 

  • Proper alignment and benefits of postures

  • Posture modifications & how to use props to support your practice

  • Guided meditation & relaxation exercises to relieve stress

Benefits you'll experience

  •  Improved mood & sleep

  •  Improved digestion & energy

  •  Inner calm & balance

  •  Improved muscle tone & flexibility

What you'll need

  • Yoga mat, block or cushion

  • Internet access

What's included

  • A free quick chat to meet and understand your current health situation and what you want to achieve

  • A one hour on-line yoga class based on your goals including:

  • A short meditation to calm your mind and prepare for your practice

  • A warm up and series of postures specific to your goals

  • Guided relaxation 

Who is this class for?

Women who want to relieve peri-menopausal symptoms, improve their energy and feel stronger and better every day.

In-person Group Yoga Classes

Whether you're looking to get a group of friends together to experience the benefits of yoga during peri or post menopause or you're a business owner looking to improve the health, well-being and productivity of your female employees.  We can work together to create a programme focused on your specific needs.  

How does it work?

You choose one of the following options:

  • 60 minute lunchtime yoga at your home or workplace

  • Yoga followed by an Educational Cookery Demonstration 

Group outcomes

  • Improved group rapport and dynamics through socialising and having an enjoyable, shared experience

  • Relax and re-energise together during the day

  • Jointly learn techniques to manage stress while staying active 

  • Learn postures and breathing techniques for use individually at home and at work

  • Optional nutrition education as a group 

What we need from you?

  • a space to practice or large meeting room

  • Yoga mat, block, yoga belt

What's included in the class

  • A free quick chat to meet and understand your groups requirements and what you want to achieve

  • A one hour onsite class specific to your groups needs including:

  • Warm up and traditional postures

  • The class can be set up for beginners and modifications can be given to those with special conditions 

  • Posture variations for experienced practitioners are available

  • Guided meditation and relaxation 

Who is this class for?

A group of friends or business owners looking for a rewarding and value adding activity that helps them or their team feel great during the day, reduces their stress and helps relieve symptoms related to the perimenopause.  



I would highly recommend Carol.  She is a nutrition coach, with a very professional, calm and confident style.  Her extensive nutritional knowledge and coaching techniques really helped me get back on track and feel good about myself again.

Eva, London

Let's Work Together!

Book your first online yoga class tailored to your needs.  I create classes for groups of friends and small local businesses too!



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